How Hackers are Using Malware to Steal Fingerprints and Sensitive Data

From the past couple of years, the usage and complexity of malware have become slightly inclined, somewhere technology specialists and investigators have managed to remain ahead. So far that’s all.

According to Symantec’s experts, in the next two years, the improvements in malware development will greatly outweigh the previous changes, painting a boring picture when you remember how much longer it takes to release operating systems and browsers.

Are the technologies and advancements behind malware evolving that rapidly? Are the security solutions reliable enough that it can fight against malware?

The answer to this is, no one really knows.

Presently, as you investigate any of the current developments in the field of computer systems, the situation appears intimidating, such that malware can very well hit a point when cyber protection no longer holds up.

Malware is incredibly competitive. Every malware is battling to infect the greatest percentage of the Internet with malware writers fighting each other.

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