Explore Top Instagram Trends Dominating the Online Marketing Scene Today that Marketers must Adopt

Social marketers know that Instagram is all about strategy- proactivity is often rewarded while slacking off is punished into oblivion.

Instagram certainly isn’t an outlier to the social media landscape, in that there are trends that come and go very quickly. This has been especially true in the pandemic-riddled 2020 that has seen more people online than ever before.

With all these fast-moving trends, you cannot afford to be reactive and discard your content calendar entirely. Instead, being flexible and proactive is the order of the day for any Instagram marketer looking to succeed. Here are some of the top trends to keep an eye on.

IGTV Becomes a First-Class Citizen

IGTV’s relatively tepid launch left pundits wondering whether the sub-platform was going to be a mainstay in the social network’s long-term plans.

It has since, however, received significant updates that have seen it grow in viewership and importance in the big picture for Instagram.

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