Edge AI applications and solutions range from smartwatches and production lines to logistics and smart buildings and cities to smart cities and smart buildings. Because of its ease and variety of applications, edge AI is a popular choice for many organizations.

10 Best Edge AI Trends and Predictions for Future

These are the top 10 trends in edge AI…

You cannot imagine today’s world without the Internet. With even more & more countries, states, cities and county’s getting connected over the Internet, the world is getting closer than ever before. The Internet is a boon for businesses and people alike.

However, it is equally dangerous if you’re aren’t careful…

Cold weather is often associated with sickness. The cold virus can spread easily when temperatures drop. It is also known as the rhinovirus.

This virus replicates in the nasal cavity and causes itchy, runny eyes. There are also some health benefits that can be found when the temperature drops.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Cold Weather

1. Cooler temperatures boost your brain


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